Facility Details

Nimbua Greenfield (Punjab) Limited (NGPL) operates as an integrated end to end hazardous industrial waste treatment and disposal facility. It engages in testing, collection, stabilization and disposal of hazardous industrial waste generated in the State of Punjab.

The facility is set up at Nimbua, district Mohali spread over an area of 21 acres which includes a landfill of 9.48 acres which is 10 meters deep.

There are state of art organic, inorganic, wet and analytical laboratories with sophisticated equipment like AAS, GC-MS, UV – Vis Double Beam Spectrophotometer, pH meters, Bomb Calorimeter, CHNS analyzer etc for carrying out waste characterization of the hazardous industrial waste being sent for disposal and environmental monitoring. Adequate storage facility exists for the waste prior to its treatment and disposal in the landfill.The facility also has a Leachate collection system and a 10 KL/D Double Effect Evaporator with thin liner drier for Leachate Management.

The facility is self contained in terms of transport for collection of waste from generators, plant equipment like JCBs, JCTs and Dozer for stabilization and disposal tasks. The administrative blocks house the offices of NGPL and REEL.